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Timothy Miller is a Computer Scientist with 10 years of experience working front end and back end development for the private & public sector.

Previous Projects

Full stack template CLI, chrome extension SaaS for cross browser bookmark sync, data pipeline & web app for the CDC, and making a university online publication for SCAD.

Why Prepare Software


Agile framework for delivering & sustaining complex projects. Disciplined schedule. Continous delivery cycles.

Remote Work

High availability, high quality video calling & audio setup, & gigabit Google fiber connection to the office.

Private & Public Sector

Built a CLI for quickly prototyping full stack React apps. Developed ⚡ fast data pipelines & React web app data visualizations as a Senior Engineer at the CDC.


10 Years Experience

Started making Android apps, received 1 million+ downloads. Experienced in a wide variety of languages & frameworks: React, Kubernetes, TypeScript, Python, & Kotlin.


Top 5 Computer Science Undergrad program with a focus on Computer Security & Human-Computer Interaction. Completed my Senior Thesis under Professor Carl Gunter, the Head of the Illinois Security Security Lab.

Open Source

I provide the source code for all my templates on Github under the GPLv3 license. Good developers steal, great developers share.


Some past projects I am proud of


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